Mastering the Law of Odds in Football Betting in 5 Minutes

  • Mastering the Law of Odds in Football Betting in 5 Minutes

  • wintips123

    April 6, 2024 at 4:11 am

    In any game, especially sports betting, understanding the rules is crucial. Therefore, understanding the law of odds in football betting is essential if you want to win and profit. In this article, Win tips will share some basic information to help you avoid unfair losses.

    What does “tài xỉu” mean in football betting?

    For seasoned players, the concept of “tài xỉu” in football is familiar. However, for newcomers, it might be a new term. This is a form of betting where the bookmaker predicts a certain number in a match for players to bet on whether the actual number will be higher or lower.

    The rules of “tài xỉu” in football betting:

    “Tài xỉu” is a relatively easy and straightforward type of bet. Based on this concept, you can bet on whether the outcome will be higher or lower than a certain number. In sports betting, bookmakers often apply “tài xỉu” rules to various aspects such as total goals, cards, or corners.

    Rules applied in “tài xỉu” football betting:

    You don’t need to worry about which team wins or loses in “tài xỉu” football betting. The essence of this bet lies in the total number of goals scored during a match. The bet is settled based on the actual number of goals scored during the actual playing time, excluding extra time.

    Before each match, bookmakers will provide a betting ratio for players to make their bets. Typically, this includes:

    – Over Bet (Tài): Players win if the total number of goals in the match is higher than the bookmaker’s prediction.

    – Under Bet (Xỉu): Players win if the total number of goals in the match is lower than the bookmaker’s prediction.

    If the total number of goals matches the bookmaker’s prediction, it will be considered a draw. Additionally, besides offering overall “tài xỉu” bets, some best betting site in the world also provide bets for the first and second halves, cards, corners, etc.

    Basic rules when playing “tài xỉu” football betting:

    To win in any game, you need to understand the rules before participating, and “tài xỉu” football betting is no exception. If a match is canceled or postponed and cannot resume within 12 hours, it will be considered canceled. However, refunding bets depends on each bookmaker’s regulations.

    If applying “tài xỉu” betting for the first half, it only applies to that period. If a match is canceled, all bets will be voided. However, if a match is canceled during the second half, bets are still valid as usual.

    Before placing bets, bookmakers must provide players with complete information about the venue, match time, participating teams, etc. Bets may be voided if there are changes in the match venue or if the bookmaker provides incorrect team names for home or away teams.

    Bookmakers must continuously update the match scores to help players track information easily. Additionally, players can actively seek information and expert predictions to increase their chances of winning. Players can place bets until the 90th minute of the match, and depending on the bookmaker reviews uk regulations, they can bet on injury time or extra time.

    For both seasoned players and newcomers, understanding the rules of “tài xỉu” in football betting is straightforward. Hopefully, this information will help you confidently master this type of bet to achieve significant victories and profits.

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